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About RBCS

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RBCS is a network of veteran consultants who are specialists in helping clients achieve their security objectives.

Assess → Apply → Advance

Our three-step approach to effective action is to assess the current state and your desired future state, apply proven approaches to develop a sustainable concept of operations, and help you advance your security profile through a sound action plan.

Why Should You Use RBCS?

  • Fast turnaround time on assignments. We can usually start on our assignment immediately, and get results to you as fast or faster than what you are used to.
  • Clearly written documents. Our analysis, review or report will not only be technically accurate, it will also be clearly written and easily understood by the target audience.
  • Appropriate level of technical detail for the specific project. When a plain English presentation or summary is called for, we can provide accurate and readable material that is backed up by whatever level of technical depth is required.
  • We dovetail well with other team members and team assignments. We respect the expertise and experience of your team members as well as the purpose of your project. As professionals, we are always responsive to team and project needs. We never forget that satisfying the client is the ultimate objective.
  • Sub-project management that’s “worth its weight in gold.” We give you peace of mind by visibly providing a well-managed project. Our skillful planning and scheduling, effective risk management, accurate and timely reporting, and clear and firm project direction are applied with a “real-world” results-oriented focus. You get high client satisfaction throughout the project as well as at the end.
  • Dependable results that meet or exceed what you expect. Count on us to perform well our assignments.
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