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Articles that Discuss Situational Awareness

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These are articles that discuss situational awareness, or mention it in a security technology design context.

Real Words or Buzzwords Articles

A seven-part article series about Situational Awareness for physical security.

Situational Awareness – Part 1

Across the physical security industry, the label “situational awareness” has been applied to products and systems that weren’t advanced enough to provide the capabilities truly needed.

Situational Awareness – Part 2

Information technology is evolving at an ever-accelerating pace, and consequently the technical capabilities that are available for integrated security system design are continually advancing as well. If we don’t understand the important role of situational awareness, our system designs will be incomplete.

Situational Awareness – Part 3

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have changed the technology landscape, and in doing so have expanded the number of users for security applications.

Situational Awareness – Part 4

Situational awareness is critical to the management of networked computer systems, but the security industry to date has only applied the term to the design and operation of security operations centers, not the design and maintenance of networked electronic security systems.

Situational Awareness – Part 5

We are now entering the era of smart buildings and facilities. We must design integrated security systems that are much smarter than those we have designed in the past.

Situational Awareness – Part 6

Situational awareness is an important element of organizational resilience, which most of today’s organizations are striving to achieve – yet our tools for establishing and maintaining situational awareness are still being designed for the most part per 20th century thinking and requirements.

Situational Awareness – Part 7

Modern day incident response deserves the help that modern technology can provide but doesn’t yet. Filling this void is one of the great security industry opportunities of our time.

Magazine and RBCS Articles

Articles providing specific important perspectives when considering situational awareness capabilities.

Future-Ready Security Technology Strategy

What would a future-ready security technology strategy do for you? I wrote this article to highlight the value of a security technology strategy, and to provide two example strategies. -Ray Bernard

The Cloud and Your Security Technology Roadmap

By now you are already well aware of the fact that attractive cloud security applications are emerging. What impact should the arrival of cloud computing have on your security technology roadmap? Although cloud computing is not new, it is still evolving. I wrote this cover article for Security Technology Executive magazine to provide some helpful advice on security technology planning as it relates to cloud services. –Ray Bernard

Duress Alarm Design

Duress Alarm Design

I wrote this in-depth article about using duress devices because unlike card readers and other security equipment, duress devices require special attention to people, process and technology design for each individual device. There are significant liabilities for at-risk individuals as well as for their employers when all three factors do not receive sufficient attention. –Ray Bernard