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NERC CIP Compliance Support

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Ray Bernard and other RBCS team consultants have extensive experience in Electrical Utility physical security, including planning and implementation of NERC CIP requirements, and migration from CIP 3 to CIP 5 and CIP 6.

Assessment and Design for Physical Security Solutions

RBCS can support you with physical security risk assessments and solution design for critical substations and all important facilities. Services include:

  • Physical Security Risk & Vulnerability Assessments
  • Evaluation of Existing Physical Security Controls
  • Physical Security Technology Roadmap Development
  • Physical Security System Design
  • Physical Systems Technical Requirements, Design, Specifications and Costing
  • Implementation Project Oversight

CIP Independent Third Party Reviews

RBCS also provides the CIP-014 required unaffiliated third party services for review of physical security threat and vulnerability evaluations and related security plans.

CIP Cyber Security Support Including Pen Testing

RBCS partners with highly accomplished cyber security specialists to provide support for the cyber security aspects of CIP compliance, including penetration testing.

To Learn More

For more information on the NERC CIP approach and for two highly-applicable books on CIP compliance assurance, see NERC CIP: Maximum Compliance Assurance.
To learn more about our Electrical Utility NERC CIP compliance support experience and capabilities, call us at 949-831-6788.