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Project Deadline Recovery

Project Deadline Recovery

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Most major security system projects miss critical deadlines.

While true, it is small comfort when deadlines are getting close and solutions are not at hand.

The growing momentum of an overdue project can give the project a “life of its own”, so that attempts to control it seem to have no effect.

Deployment complexities make it seem like the technology problems are never-ending.

When that happens, know one thing: if you are suffering the bad effects of a deployment project, it is not a technology problem.

It’s a project definition and/or project execution problem. A flawed process.

Otherwise, the project stakeholders would be out in front of problems and in the driver’s seat.

Project risk management exists to protect the organization from the potential impacts of project problems. Most security system projects have insufficient project risk management, in large part due to the hidden complexities of the security technology deployments.

IT and Security Department project managers are typically not equipped to deal with the complexities of today’s security system deployments. The technologies change too fast, and even the manufacturers and system providers can’t keep up.

You can’t prevent all project problems. And you can’t solve all project problems by throwing people and money at them.

But you can protect the organization and its personnel from the harmful impacts—regardless of the current state of the project. And you don’t have to throw “project fix money” down the drain.

RBCS has highly expert security technology project specialists, who can get projects back on track and eliminate the sanity-robbing project impacts.

“Deadline recovery” means exactly this: getting realistic (i.e. provably doable) new deadlines and running things so that the deadlines are met.

A Project Status Assessment is part of the Project Deadline Recovery service, and you can get information about that on this page.

If you have a project that needs deadline recovery, call RBCS at 949-831-6788.