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Project Planning and Oversight

Project Planning and Oversight

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If your project is worth doing it’s worth doing right.

For a small fraction of the cost of the entire project, we’ll perform a Project Planning Assessment. and give you a Planning Status Report that identifies and addresses planning gaps that could hinder or undermine your project’s success.

Planning Status Assessment

The best time to discover project planning deficiencies is before project execution starts. Of your experienced project managers are not completely up to speed on security technology projects (including networking), it is a very good idea to incorporate current technology expertise that relates to technology deployment, not just technology operation.

Small planning gaps and mis-estimations of effort can cause big problems once projects are under way.

Collaborative Project Planning

Rough-running and hard-to-control projects can benefit from more detailed project planning. If the project definition doesn’t fully put the reins in your hands, then a stronger project definition is in order.

Project Oversight

Sound judgement is based upon experience. But often the people tasked with overseeing a security technology deployment project have never done so with today’s advanced technology.

Project oversight should be tailored for the nature of the project and the caliber of project resources. Oversight should be light enough not to burden the project, and effective enough to assure that the project staus on track.  For some projects only status reporting is required. For other projects active guidance and direction is needed.

Call to Find Out More

To discuss how Project Planning or Oversight might be helpful to you, call us at 949-831-6788.