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Project Recalibration Service

Project Recalibration Service

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If your project is more than 50% over original schedule or has missed more deadlines than it has met, project recalibration is in order!

If your project is worth doing it’s worth doing right.

For a tiny fraction of the cost of the entire project, we’ll perform a Project Status Assessment. and give you a Project Recalibration Plan that includes the secrets to success of the world’s best deployment teams.

Project Status Assessment

It is not necessary or wise to wait until the point of disaster to evaluate a project that you suspect is having trouble. The earlier the project is put on the right track, the sooner it will complete and the lower the overall costs will be.

The whole purpose for a project status assessment is to get a handle on the project so you can get it back under control. Often this is just as much or more a project management issue than it is a technology issue, but technology must be included in the examination.

Our Security Project Recovery Service should be applied when one or more of these conditions exist:

  • Project is behind schedule
  • Project is going over budget
  • Deployment objectives are being compromised
  • Project personnel seem to be under-qualified
  • Project status is not clearly visible, or appears different than reported
  • Friction within the project is increasing
  • Can’t fully complete acceptance testing

Project Recalibration Plan

Sound judgement is based upon experience. but often the people tasked with fixing a floundering project have never done that before.

A sound recovery plan includes:

  • Establishing highly visible (i.e. believable) project status going forward
  • Miniature milestones for realistic work planning, deadline calibration and comfortable payment points
  • Accurate and complete documentation
  • Most effective application of resources
  • Ongoing acceptance testing for effective quality assurance

Call to Find Out More

To discuss how a Project Status Assessment might be helpful to you, call us at 949-831-6788.