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School Security Assessments

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Note: This page contains downloadable Checklists and Guidelines

Is Your Security Program Sufficient?

A security assessment by a knowledgeable school security professional is the best way to determine the need for:

  • Physical security measures for campus grounds and buildings
  • Electronic security equipment (access control, intrusion, security video)
  • Improvement of student security awareness
  • Improvement of teaching staff and administrative staff security awareness
  • Training for appropriate personnel in:
    • Conflict resolution
    • Recognition of a Hostile Person
    • Response to Active Shooters or a Hostile Intruder
  • Contracted or directly employed (“proprietary”) security personnel
  • State-mandated security personnel training
  • Drills or exercises for response to Active Shooter or Hostile Intruder situations

School Security References

If you are a member of an educational institution’s security committee, or even a concerned and active parent, you may find the materials below very helpful to upgrade your knowledge with regard to security for educational institutions, or to help you educate others. These materials:

  • Are useful for dispelling myths (from the media and other sources) that might hamper or wrongly guide security thinking and planning
  • Help provide a big picture overview—to establish a common context for planning, and against which security planners and stakeholders can evaluate random data that come their way
  • Come from reputable sources, which helps you apply them in confidence
  • Provide information helpful in the creation of lockdown procedures or at least getting a very good start on that

If you are leading a group or committee that is not familiar with school security, these materials could help you act as a “filter” for the random data that will come the way of your group or committee—you can use them to perform a “reality check” on the incoming information.

School Safety and Security Checklist

This checklist is provided by Alaska Public Entity Insurance. Your local insurance carrier or insurance JPA (Joint Powers Authority) may have similar materials for you.

Guide for Preventing and Responding to School Violence 2nd Edition

This guide is a good “big picture” reference that provides actionable data.

Threat Assessment at School: A Primer for Educators

This document is from the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), and in my opinion is a better  presentation of this material than other documents that contain this type of content, including the source government reports. Its first page dispels some common mis-perceptions. It’s a short document that you could share as you see fit, in part or in whole.

Threat Assessment in Schools: A Guide to Managing Threatening Situations and to Creating Safe School Climates

This guidance from the Secret Service and the United States Department of Education contains what I would call “stabilizing thinking” in its first chapters.

It also discusses threat assessment of an individual student, which is likely to be more appropriate for secondary and higher education institutions than for primary schools.

In its entirety, this document would be a lot of material to provide to a school security council or committee all at one time. So I think it may work best as a reference document, to be applied as appropriate under the guidance of an experienced security professional.

RBCS has performed and participated in successful educational institution assessments of all types. 

All good assessments provide actionable insight. When you need to know more—assess!

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