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Security Master Planning

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Are you basing the design and implementation of your security measures on a well-planned vision and strategy endorsed by management?

Are the overall goals, objectives and approaches documented sufficiently that the others can apply their own initiative in support of your security improvements?

The Security Master Plan forms the basis for security planning and design for people, process and technology measures. In other words, it is Security’s business plan.

Security Master Plans can be developed for a country, city, organization or single facility.


The best definition of a Security Master Plan comes from Timothy D. Giles, author of the book How to Develop and Implement a Security Master Plan:

A Security Master Plan is a document that delineates the organization’s security philosophies, strategies, goals, programs, and processes. It is used to guide the organization’s development and direction in these areas in a manner that is consistent with the company’s overall business plan. It also provides a detailed outline of the risks and the mitigation plans for them in a way that creates a five-year business plan.

Download a sample of the book (table of contents and initial chapters).

Security Master Plan includes security risk mitigation standards to be applied to new and or existing business functions and their facilities.

Easing Your Burden

A Security Master Plan is one of the ways that you ease the burden of managing security. Because it’s management-endorsed, because it’s specific and documented, because it includes roles and responsibilities, and because it provides a big-picture context for all security measures and improvements—it becomes a framework that makes security an operational part of the business organization.


Our services include (but are not limited to) the following types of planning:

  • National, regional or local level planning
  • Security management system implementation
  • Facility security technology planning
  • Personnel planning and the rationale (justification) for personnel changes (including position, pay, roles and/or responsibilities)

Call to Learn More

RBCS can assist you very effectively in creating or updating your Security Master Plan.  To learn more, call us at 949-831-6788.